Famous British artists & British oil painters

Famous British artists & oil painters are not so easy to find on the internet, compared to American, Italian & French counterparts. Britain does however have some exceptional artists from its history, many of which are linked to the modern art scene.

In order to make the guide relevant i will begin with predominantly 20th century famous British artists, and then add preceding centuries as the guide expands. Initially, the guide shall include the key British artists as follows, and i will add more from user suggestions:

For American art, you can also discover famous American artists and British prints in these interesting articles. You may also be interested in famous Welsh artists.

  • David Hockney – Famous British artist David Hockney
  • JMW Turner – Famous landscape artist
  • Francis Bacon – Irish born British artist Francis Bacon
  • Banksy – Famous British grafitti artist
  • Tracey Emin – Young contemporary British artist made famous for her revealing installations
  • Lucian Freud – Figurative British painter Lucian Freud
  • Damien Hirst – Famous contemporary British artist Damien Hirst
  • Henry Moore – Famous British sculptor Henry Moore
  • James Abbott McNeill Whistler – Famous British artist
  • Dante Gabriel Rossetti – Famous British artist Dante Gabriel Rossetti
  • Joshua Reynolds – Famous British artist Joshua Reynolds
  • George Stubbs – Famous British artist George Stubbs
  • John Constable – Famous British artist John Constable
  • Thomas Gainsborough – Famous British artist Thomas Gainsborough
  • John Piper
  • Cecil Kennedy
  • Hermione Hammond
  • John Bridgeman
  • Sylvia Molloy
  • William Gear
  • Heinz Koppel
  • John Christoforou
  • John Copnall
  • Ken Kiff
  • Robert Lenkiewicz
  • Ali Omar Ermes
  • John Wonnacott
  • Bruce McLean
  • Edward Kelly
  • Nicholas Hely Hutchinson
  • Ashley West
  • Jo Self
  • David Leapman
  • Ken Maycock
  • Stuart Pearson Wright
  • Will Teather

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