Famous religious paintings

Vault offers many famous religious paintings by key artists from around the world. We include the most famous ones here, along with the key artists involved with religious works.

The most famous religious paintings were predominantly created in the art periods of Renaissance & Baroque where religion was a greater element of society, and art at those times reflected that.

Religious paintings remain popular amongst art buyers, as they portray a feeling of history and splendour in contrast to more contemporary pieces which serve a different purpose to art lovers. The different types of art can suit different homes and rooms as well as different personal tastes.

As modern artists continue to develop their mediums into interesting directions, embracing new technologies and styles, traditional paintings still serve as a benchmark, representing skilled art, and an historic cultured past.

For more information on famous religious paintings, please see below for examples of paintings that Vault offers for sale, or try a keyword search in the top right of the page, for phrases such as “jesus christ”, “adam”, “eve”, “creation”, or perhaps “resurrection”.

Famous religious paintings available to buy

Famous religious artists

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