JMW Turner

JMW Turner was perhaps the most famous English romanticist landscape artist. William Turner became known as ‘the painter of light’. He is the most famous Romanticist painter. Turner is respected alongside other British artists such as Gainsborough and Constable for developing British art from the medieval and renaissance eras up to the more contemporary styles.

In 1910 the main part of the Turner Bequest, which includes unfinished paintings and drawings, was rehoused in the Duveen Turner Wing at the Tate Gallery. In 1974, the Turner Museum was founded in the USA by Douglass Montrose-Graem to house his collection of Turner prints.

"TempĂȘte de Neige" exposĂ© en 1842 de J.W. Turner  Snow Storm - Steam-Boat off a  Harbour's Mouth making Signals in Shallow Water, and going by the Lead

Turner left a great legacy in British art. For example, a prestigious annual art award, the Turner Prize, created in 1984, was named in Turner’s honour, and twenty years later the Winsor & Newton Turner Watercolour Award was founded. indeed, In 2005, Turner’s The Fighting Temeraire was voted Britain’s “greatest painting” in a public poll organised by the BBC.

The intensity of hue and interest in evanescent light not only placed Turner’s work in the vanguard of English painting, but later exerted an influence upon art in France, as well; the Impressionists, particularly Claude Monet, carefully studied his techniques.

Famous oil paintings by JMW Turner include those in the following comprehensive list:

  • Warkworth Castle, Northumberland – Thunder Storm Approaching at Sun-Set
  • The Battle of Trafalgar, as Seen from the Mizen Starboard Shrouds of the Victory
  • Snow Storm: Hannibal and His Army Crossing the Alps
  • Eruption of Vesuvius
  • The Battle of Trafalgar
  • Ulysses Deriding Polyphemus
  • The Burning of the Houses of Lords and Commons
  • The Grand Canal, Venice
  • The Fighting Temeraire Tugged to Her Last Berth to Be Broken up
  • Slave Ship (Slavers Throwing Overboard the Dead and Dying, Typhoon Coming On)
  • Glaucus and Scylla
  • Rockets and Blue Lights (Close at Hand) to Warn Steamboats of Shoal Water
  • Rain, Steam and Speed – The Great Western Railway
  • Shrimpers, Lyme Regis

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